Sex ed and AIDS – South Africa hits nearly 200 000 new HIV infections

According to the Citizen, South Africa hit nearly 200 000 new HIV infections in 2017.

Not only that, but the new figures show that prevalence is particularly high amongst women in their early 20s.

News24 spoke to health minister Aaron Motsoeledi about it, and he says that the problem is that we don’t do enough in the way of sex ed, mainly because parents are worried that their kids are too young for it.

My take

We need sex ed, and it needs to be real sex ed, not the religiously motivated abstinence only approach which doesn’t work.

Ignorance is not safety. Personally I blame the myth of innocence as being the crux of the issue.

We all assume that people are innocent until they’re introduced to a concept, and that is the start of their corruption, except with regards to sex it is pretty hardwired into us by evolution.

Our ancestors weren’t the ones engaging in abstinence. Our ancestors were having sex before they had any sort of concept of morality or ideology or anything like that.

No one had to tell Australopithecus how to get pregnant.

It isn’t something you can ignore and hope it goes away – and ignoring it is causing serious danger to the next generation.  Everything your kids need to know about how to get into trouble is already in their brains, what they need to learn is how to keep out if it.

According to The New York Daily News, Mayor Bill de Blasio commissioned a report into sex education that found sex education should start in elementary school.

We are all one species, with regards to this what is true in New York is true here – teach them early to prevent problems later.


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