Multichoice wants stricter rules on Netflix

Multichoice, the company behind the satellite TV service that brings you the same episode of that reality TV show that first aired in 2000, wants stricter regulations on Netflix.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is just silly enough that I figure this whole article is my take on it.

Anyway according to MyBroadband, Multichoice thinks that the American company has an unfair advantage in how it operates, and feels it should have to abide by BEE rules, employ South Africans and pay taxes in our country despite not actually being based here.

These are the same guys who found no racism in the Ashwin Willemse saga, talking about enforcing BEE as a means of reducing Netflix’s market share.

You can’t just regulate one company, so any regulation on Netflix would probably also apply to services such as Twitch or YouTube, and if the regulation weren’t written properly, probably the entire rest of the world’s Internet.

And the response from the entire rest of the world’s Internet would be to look at our country, look at how much money they make here, and figure it isn’t worth it and suddenly we have to use proxy servers to see most of it.

Not that half the population aren’t doing so already to get around region locks.

Before Multichoice starts suggesting draconian regulations that could fundamentally change how the web works, maybe they should recognise that their 30 year monopoly is no longer the guaranteed cash cow it used to be, and get some actual good stuff people want to watch.

Seriously, I cancelled my subscription to DSTV after, having not watched it for six months, I turned it on and found exactly the same episodes I’d watched six months earlier, and I realised this was the same experience I had six months before that. Their content was staler then the smell that came off their dealings with the Guptas.

I don’t use online streaming services because they’re cheaper, I use them because they’re better. I suspect the same is true for all of us, about all DSTV has going for it is the sports channels, and sooner or later streaming services will start doing a better job on those too.

And maybe cut out the adverts trying to sell DSTV to people who already have DSTV.


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