David Makhura wins in Gauteng – and he’s talking about e-tolls

Premier David Makhura has been elected as the ANC’s provincial chairman in Guateng according to Businesstech.

The interesting thing in that article is that Makhura said that the e-toll system is just not working, and he’ll be approaching Ramaphosa to discuss solutions.

My take

The Gauteng e-toll saga has been going on for years now, and it has gone in front of various courts which have all found in favour of the system and the contracts our country engaged in.

Now lets be clear here, I disagree strongly with the principles used to argue for e-tolls. I think user-pays is not a principle of government, as we are all supposed to be in this together, when Dipuo Peters argued that you pay for public toilets, well I long ago noticed those were the ones in the worst nick.

The toilets which are paid for by the rents of the surrounding shops, you know kind of equivalent to taxes, seem cleaner and overall nicer than the ones relying on your R2.

The fact that an Austrian company is involved, well I’ve always felt with government contracts should be local, we don’t want too much money flowing overseas.

There are a lot of things I strongly dislike about the whole etoll saga, but so far as I can see it is a done deal. It is a good reason to vote the ANC out, in public consultations over e-tolls the people of Gauteng said “no” and got them anyway, and this is the high handed approach the ANC habitually takes.

But the fact is we voted for the ANC, and e-tolls are a consequence of that. We probably cannot get out of it without some major costs.

  • Picture is of an e-Tag lane at the Carousel Toll Plaza on the N1-south in northern Gauteng, South Africa by JMK via Wikimedia Commons.

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