What the cluck? Broke municipality gets burned over R90,000 worth of fried chicken

Carte Blanche reported on Sunday that Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality was too strapped for cash to deliver services, but not so broke that they couldn’t afford R90,000 worth of fried chicken.


According to TimesLIVE, the municipality is so broke that its selling off its road graders and fire engines. Its streets are thus covered in potholes – as well as a fair amount of litter.

The municipality argues that this is far less than they spend on keeping the streets clean, but they aren’t keeping the streets clean so I’m not sure anybody believes them.

My take

I am currently a bit on the broke side myself, so I understand the craving for KFC that you shouldn’t really be spending money on.

There is just something about chicken cooked with too many carbs for Tim Noakes and too much fat for everyone else, that just hits the spot when the eventual heart attack sounds like good retirement planning.

If I may make a suggestion however, how about making a copycat version? Here’s a walkthrough on it by Nico’s Kitchen, which I have tried myself and I can assure the municipality, it works.


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