Qedani Mahlangu reelected to ANC PEC

TimesLIVE reports that Qedani Mahlangu has been reelected to the ANC’s provincial executive committee (PEC) despite having been disgraced over the Life Esidimeni scandal.

The ANC also reelected Brian Hlongwa despite the fact that he’s been implicated in a Special Investigative Unit probe into fraud and corruption worth R1.2 billion.

Panyaza Lesufi acknowledged the backlash over this and claimed the party was dealing internally with Mahlangu.

My take

The Life Esidimeni scandal was a national disgrace, in which people died of cold and starvation because our government failed to do the very basics properly in ensuring their care.

To say that she’s no longer the MEC – sorry but it comes off as a bit lame when people died.

If you’re opposed to that sort of thing, you don’t reelect the people responsible for it.

The Hlongwa situation is similar, if you oppose corruption you don’t elect people you have reason to believe are corrupt.

To say you’re dealing with it internally, well the Catholic Church was dealing with its abuse scandals internally, it isn’t a phrase that fills me with confidence that anything concrete will be done.

  • Picture by Matthew Perkins via Flickr.

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