White people have vast tracts of land, you live in shacks: Julius Malema

According to IOL Julius Malema is back at in Buffalo City, where he’s accused white people of owning vast tracts of land while black people are crammed together in shacks.

He slammed the ANC, saying that “our people” are still living in the houses that Apartheid built, or crammed together in shacks, while the ruling party forgot about them.

He proclaimed this his party will be celebrating its fifth birthday in Mdantsane because it will be a festival of the poor – rich people should just stay home.

My Take

The first thing that struck me here was that this was what I was talking about when I said that the major issue with land is urban, not rural land. The vast tracts of land are a bit irrelevant when those informal settlements are looking for a good location to be able to get to work.

If you work in Sandton do you want land in the Free State?

But putting that aside, the racial politics also struck me.

Julius Malema has a long history of racialised rhetoric that aims to build on racial animosity in order to build up his support base.

His rhetoric is anti-white, it is anti-Indian, and it is anti black.

Don’t believe me on that last one? Malema talks a big game about being on the side of the poor. You can tell a lot about a person, and who they value, by the insults they use.

In 2009, Julius Malema declared he wouldn’t debate Helen Zille’s ‘garden boys‘ – referring to then DA youth leader Khume Ramulifho.

In 2011, Malema said he wouldn’t debate a ‘tea girl‘  – referring to the DA’s then leader in Parliament Lindiwe Mazibuko.

There is a strongly racialised component to these insults, but also they’re literally referencing lower economic status jobs as insults.

This is what Malema really thinks about the poor. He’s not your ally if you’re his insult.

But he pushes this idea that he’s fighting for the poor against the whites and Indians who dominate the economy. Why does he do this?

Because his record isn’t that great.

Malema played an instrumental role in the rise of Jacob Zuma. The media, when Zuma first ran for president, was warning people that Zuma appeared to be corrupt. Before the Guptas there were the Shaik brothers.

Malema accused the media of doing the bidding of Mr Rupert, with all of its critical reporting on Jacob Zuma.

When Busisiwe Mkhwebane was in the running for public protector, Malema supported her, then once she was in the job Malema expressed regret over this decision.

What about more recently though?

Well, after the fall of Jacob Zuma, Malema decided that because the DA didn’t support land expropriation without compensation his party would depose DA mayors starting with Athol Trollip.

Trollip was being targeted as the first to go purely on the basis of his skin colour, but with the ANC in tow, the EFF had the votes to get rid of him as mayor – and what happened?

The EFF eventually gave up on the motion of no confidence, because they couldn’t keep quiet long enough to actually get to the vote. Every meeting basically fell apart due to the EFF disrupting it, so Trollip is still mayor.

This is the guy who wants to manage all the land in South Africa. The EFF’s policy on land is nationalising the lot of it, and having it operated on the basis of long term leases – he’s not actually offering the black majority private ownership of the land.

Take away the hate and have you got a man with a history of making good decisions? Have you got a man who treats you with respect? Have you got a party which can set aside its emotions to achieve its goals?

Whenever anybody starts pushing racism, and racial division, you’ve got to ask yourself why? What is this person trying to distract you from?


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