New pro-Zuma political party launches

According to Times Select former ANC member turned EFF activist Reggie Ngcobo is launching a new political party – the Mazibuye African Congress.

The party was formed after consultations with former president Jacob Zuma, and bars whites and Indians from joining.

Ngcobo says that the party is guided by amakhosi, taxi operators, traditional healers and prophets.

My Take

Well, I can’t see this lasting long.

The first problem the party’s got is that it has nothing to really recommend it over the EFF, except for the endorsement of Jacob Zuma, who is widely regarded as a crook and a national mistake.

The second is, look at that list of who’s guiding this ship. I am struggling to put it into words that won’t be offensive but – this isn’t a collection of people I would trust with my wallet, nevermind my country.

Taxi operators aren’t exactly known for their law abiding natures, and prophets are, well, whenever I’ve seen a story about a prophet it has been something scandalous and kind of terrible.

The third is – the most notable name its got going is a guy who was ANC, EFF, and now more or less creating a BLF clone. It doesn’t inspire confidence does it?

This party looks to be made of red flags, it doesn’t offend me I just don’t see anything it has going for it.


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