Shashi Naidoo barred from Israel for 10 years

Shashi Naidoo, a model and an actress, has been barred from visiting Israel for 10 years due to her relationship with BDS, according to EWN.

Naidoo first hit headlines earlier this year when she tweeted in support of Israel, only to then retract her comments after being contacted by BDS.

She wanted to visit Gaza essentially as a fact finding expedition following that whole kerfuffle, but Israel apparently wasn’t having it.

My Take

Last night I was watching a discussion on land reform hosted by Saica. It wasn’t a very good conference – two of the guests and the host hadn’t shown up, they had to pass around the one working mic, and generally the audience were more interesting than the speakers.

Amongst those who did show up was a politician from the ACDP. Now I’m an atheist, so I’m not a fan of explicitly religious parties, I’m not that demographic, but I thought it was pretty rude with this guy in the audience told him that he shouldn’t get to speak on the issue – after all the ACDP supports Israel.

The ACDP guy responded that people shouldn’t talk about Israel being an Apartheid state if they haven’t been there.

Well, Shashi Naidoo tried to go – and now she’s been barred for ten years.

I’m not pro-Palestine, again I’m an atheist, but this whole affair kind of undercuts the whole “Have you ever been there” argument now doesn’t it?


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