After impoverishing Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe miffed that he has’t gotten his pension yet

The SowetanLIVE reports that Robert Mugabe is complaining that he hasn’t gotten his $467‚000 pension yet.

To put that into numbers that we in South Africa understand, that’s about R6,158,609.20

Of course Mugabe’s pension is in American dollars because the measures he took to stay in power tanked the economy so badly that the Zimbabwean dollar no longer exists.

According to TimesLIVE, thanks to Mugabe’s policy of land seizures Zimbabwe’s GDP just about halved, about 90% of the population ended up unemployed and about three quarters of the population still live in poverty.

And he’s complaining about not getting his over R6 million pension yet.

My Take

Throughout Robert Mugabe’s reign he has always had a strong antipathy towards white people, using his status as a struggle hero to get away with murder, literally in the case of the Gukurahundi.

His reign demonstrates the dangers of racism – and of the revolutionary. All of Mugabe’s greatest achievements ended up as nothing because the same traits that made him a champion against colonial rule, also made him a vicious dictator who still sees nothing wrong with anything he did as president.

The hate that fueled his fight against oppression fueled the fires of terror and murder that burned his country’s economy to a cinder, and he still feels he is owed over R6 million by his victims.

Much like with Gukurahundi the first victims of any would-be dictator in South Africa won’t be the whites, it will be black people. When Omar al Bashir was provided a presidential escort in his bid to escape the International Criminal Court, our political leaders told us the ICC was targeting African leaders – what they didn’t want you to realise is that those leaders had African victims.

The racist’s first victims are not always the ones you expect.

Mugabe is a scumbag, but he isn’t in any way unique.

  • Picture of Robert Mugabe courtesy of GCIS via flickr

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