The Zuma effect: Expert says land redistribution slowed to a crawl

In the 2007/8 year, land redistribution went at about half a million hectares per year. In 2015/16, it shrank to about a tenth of that.

This is according to Ruth Hall of the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies at the University of the Western Cape speaking to Times Select.

Hall isn’t terribly interested in changes to the constitution as so far as she can see section 25 already delivers a mandate for transformation, government just hasn’t wanted to do it.

My Take

Thabo Mbeki resigned in 2008, so here we can see the impact of having Jacob Zuma as president on the land issue.

Zuma’s fight against going to jail has included a lot of guff about white monopoly capital, and about the gross inequalities of our economy.

And this kind of thinking hasn’t been producing results. This is just one more example where the preachers of transformation say one thing to the electorate, and once they’re elected, do the complete opposite.

In January the former CEO of the Land Bank was convicted of fraud. One of the issues I’ve found when reading stuff by black farmers is the need for finance – well that is what was happening to that finance.

We look at the Estina Dairy scandal, and that was money that was supposed to go towards building up black farmers.

If you have corruption on that massive a scale, it doesn’t really matter what your constitution says or how your economy is structured – change is going to always go in favour of those who already have money.

Zuma’s legacy is an object lesson for our future – any talk of radical economic transformation is just that so long as corruption isn’t solved.

And it is pointless to simply blame Zuma, we need to look at how we landed up with Zuma in the first place and not make those mistakes again.

The same batch of resentments and reasons that led to Zuma are still circulating in our country now – we need to remember to be cautious about how easy they can it make it for crooks to manipulate us.


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