Will it be third time’s a charm in bid to get rid of that Athol in Nelson Mandela Bay?

Nelson Mandela Bay’s mayor Athol Trollip is facing yet another bid by various other parties to have him sacked.

According to The Citizen Nelson Mandela Bay’s opposition parties asked Speaker Jonathan Lawack to convene a special meeting in order to pull this off.

The request was made by  the AIC’s Tshonono Buyeye, the ANC’s Andile Lungisa, the UDM’s Mongameli Bobani, the PA’s Marlon Daniels and the EFF’s Zilindile Vena.

Part of the motion will also be to restore the office of deputy mayor.

This will be the third attempt at getting rid of Trollip as mayor.

My Take

I’m surprised to see the EFF is continuing with this nonsense considering how humiliatingly badly their last attempt at taking Trollip down went.

Essentially Trollip wouldn’t still be in office today if the EFF hadn’t distrupted every meeting to discuss whether he should go, essentially making the vote of no confidence that they themselves were in favour of impossible.

It probably doesn’t help that their main concern with Trollip was his skin colour.

The ANC’s record of ill discipline isn’t much better – Andile Lungisa could be aptly nicknamed “Jug Jug” for his behaviour in the house.

Mongameli Bobani meanwhile was threatened with recall by the UDM after he allegedly assaulted Cope MP Deidre Carter during a council meeting.

The really interesting thing though is that it wasn’t that long ago that the PA signed a co-governance pact with the DA in the municipality, and while the AIC has generally been the swing vote on issues like the municipal budget, it is strange to see them joining in.

I could well believe that Trollip is at very least hard to work with, simply because he can’t seem to keep an alliance going.

My view on this is the biggest threat to this motion will be the discipline of those bringing it. The EFF’s long history of disruption, and with the history of violence by two of the applicants, this motion could go the way of previous attempts – disrupted to oblivion and Trollip remains in power.

Which would both be hilarious, and kind of sad.

  • Picture of Athol Trollip via his Instagram account.

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