Vavi learns dangers of sarcasm on the Internet

Zwelinzima Vavi posted “praise” of Nelson Mandela Bay’s government prior to the election of Athol Trollip, stating that it had the fasted growing economy,  plummeting unemployment, corruption wasn’t tolerated etc…

This post boggled people’s minds. I mean realise Danny Jordaan was sent in as a fixer to try and patch up the mess the ANC had made of the place, while facing allegations of corruption regarding his dealings with Fifa.

To say corruption wasn’t tolerated, well, yeah…

Poe’s law states that there is no position so extreme that there aren’t people who support it. No matter how crazy or just outright wrong an idea may be, no matter how illogical or incoherent it might be – satire is sufficiently dead, that there are going to be people who believe it.

And Vavi has historically bought into creationism, which is essentially flat Eartherism for biology, so he’s no stranger to wacky ideas.

Thus it was necessary for Vavi to clarify:

My Take

My sense of humour tends towards sarcasm, so I can sympathise with Vavi here, but it is important to remember that text will always have a bit of a problem conveying tone.


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