Emalahleni incentivises people to pay their accounts late

Emalahleni has a new incentive scheme for settling your accounts with them – and it goes a bit the opposite way to normal schemes.

Normally when you give people discounts, it is to encourage them to pay you as soon as possible.

Not Emalahleni, or at least not according to the scheme they posted on Facebook:

If you settle your full bill within 30 days, you get no discount, on 60 days you get a 10% discount, 90 days 25%, and older than that you get a whopping 50% discount.

My Take

There is a meme out there which says “I can see that your light is on, but someone is playing with the dimmer switch.”

Considering Emalahleni’s woes with Eskom, that statement seems incredibly apt for the municipality.

Either A: This was an epic miscommunication and the actual scheme is not like this, or B the municipality has just incentivised people to not pay them.


  • Picture of Emalahleni courtesy of the municipality’s Facebook page. 

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