Chris Hani’s killer Janusz Walus in yet another bid for freedom

Janusz Walus’ lawyer has filed another appeal to the courts asking for his client to be paroled, stating that Communist Party leader Chris Hani was not a ‘Christ like figure’ according to Times Select.

Walus, with the aid of Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis who supplied the gun, shot and killed Hani in the driveway of his Boksburg home.

Walus has spent 25 years in jail for the murder after his death sentence was commuted to life in prison.

If paroled, Walus would be deported to Poland.

My Take

Perhaps it is my inner atheist saying this, but I see Hani’s lack of Christ-like status as making the crime worse, not better.

According to the story relayed in the Bible, killing him inconvenienced Jesus for a weekend, Hani’s been dead for over 25 years.

More seriously though I’m not a fan of this whole idea that the seriousness of a crime is related to the quality of the victim. Part of misogyny is what happens when a woman is raped, when people start talking about what she was wearing or her sexual history or even what kind of a person she is – none of which changes the fact that she didn’t consent.

Whenever a black person is killed by cops in America, there is this trope where if you follow the conservative news they talk about how he was “no angel” – as if only angels have the right to not be killed.

The moral status of the victim is irrelevant. It is a moral horror when we approach it as if the victim somehow deserved it, and yet we do it so often.

With Walus normally we parole killers on a fairly regular basis, but emotionally I just can’t help but support him rotting in jail.

I know it isn’t rational, that we have political figures getting murdered on a relatively regular basis and this shouldn’t be more serious than those cases, but Walus’ actions nearly sparked a civil war.

And when his lawyer talks about the victim not being a Christ-like figure, that just makes me angrier. I get that Walus has been in jail for 25 years, that this is a long time even for a murderer to sit behind bars, and emotionally I can’t quite get myself to accept the argument that he should be freed.

To have one’s lawyer argue that the victim wasn’t some Christ-like figure, that doesn’t sound to me like Walus has remorse here.


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