Manana shevolution event about hearing “all sides” of debate on gender based violence

Convicted woman beater Mduduzi Manana was included in an event by shevolution in order to get “all sides” of the issue of gender violence, according to TimesLIVE.

The organisation came under fire for including the disgraced politician after having him headline an event titled “Legends united against gender based violence.”

Manana as previously been found guilty of assaulting three women after a video showing the assault hit the news.

He was later accused of assaulting his housekeeper, though that case was later dropped by the NPA.

According to the TimesLIVE report on this latest controversy, Shevolution defended their decision to have him headline their event by saying, “We settled on a debate that incorporates the multiplicity of voices represented by victims themselves‚ the parents of victims‚ clergy‚ leaders from various social formations and those who have been involved in the abuse of women.”

I suspect a serious discussion on this topic would be better served by including academic researchers into it, but funds need to be raised to do that, so okay.

My Take

I’m looking at that flier, and you know what I’m not seeing there? The word “debate”.

And even if it were a debate, lets be honest here, this video from SMBC Theatre comes to mind (Warning, strong language):

Or to put it another way, sometimes when you’ve got two sides of a debate, one side is just wrong.

What is Manana supposed to argue here? That it is okay to assault women? What is the debatable point?

Now the money for this whole event is suppose to go to charities dedicated to fighting woman abuse, and I’m all for that. If this does some good, okay, but the argument that this is supposed to be about getting all sides of the discussion?

That just doesn’t wash.


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