SABC rejects DA ‘message to the nation’ on land reform

The SABC has rejected a request by the DA to air their message to the nation on land reform, The Citizen reports.

The DA wanted the SABC to broadcast the video on the grounds that it would serve to balance President Cyril Ramaphosa’s message on land reform broadcast on Tuesday.

The DA had been allowed to respond to the president’s remarks on the Morning Live the next day, but the DA didn’t feel this qualified as equal treatment.

My Take

This is probably an important enough topic that there should be messages to the nation style addresses from all of the major parties.

I don’t think anything the DA would have to say on this issue would change anybody’s mind.

Recently I watched a discussion on land reform hosted by Saica. The discussion was supposed to include representatives from the ANC and the EFF, the only political parties to have their representatives show up were the DA and the ACDP.

Now it is a pretty poor reflection on the seriousness of the ANC and EFF that they didn’t pitch up to a discussion aimed at enlightening financial experts about just how this was all supposed to work.

That said, the DA’s performance involved more waffling than you can find in your average ice-cream joint. They weren’t exactly impressive.

Further, the DA has their own YouTube page, there is nothing really stopping them putting up “the video on land reform the SABC doesn’t want you to see.”

I don’t think that the DA’s message is some sort of game changer, so I can see the SABC’s viewpoint, but this is an issue of such magnitude that it should be broadcast anyway.

The fact is that this is the major issue in South Africa right now, it is an issue that impacts everything from banking to the food we eat, it is a historic debate.

And as such, the public broadcaster should be making a plan to broadcast it, along with a message from the EFF.

  • Picture of Mmusi Maimane courtesy of the Democratic Alliance on Flickr.

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