Shaun gets shorn of NPA job

The appointment of Shaun Abrahams as head of the National Prosecuting Authority by president Jacob Zuma has been found invalid by the Constitutional Court according to The Citizen.

Abrahams had turned to the court after a similar ruling by the high court which ordered him out of his office.

These rulings come in light of President Jacob Zuma admitting that the deal that he offered Abrahams’ predecessor, Mxolisi Nxasana, to get him out of the office was unlawful.

Nxasana had been offered a R17.3 million “golden handshake”. Corruption Watch, Freedom Under Law, and Casac are demanding that this be paid back.

My Take

We don’t really want Nxasana back in the job. We want someone with a fairly strong sense of integrity – and that is not someone who engages in unlawful deals worth just under R20 million.

To some extent I feel sorry for Abrahams, to some extent his term of office was more marred by the man who appointed him than by his own actions. He had after all agreed to reinstate the charges against Zuma.

But that said, I think this ruling is a positive one – it gives us the chance to get someone better in that office.

  • Picture of Shaun Abrahams courtesy of GCIS at Flickr.

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