Mashaba Trump tweet gives me the blues

The DA has been taken to task over a recent tweet comparing American President Donald Trump to Cyril Ramaphosa.

Tom Eaton posted a screenshot of the tweet on his Twitter feed:

Mashaba defended the tweet claiming he wasn’t endorsing Trump.

According to an economist who spoke to The Citizen about the claims regarding America’s economy, generally economic policies take a while to show their full effects – so what we’re seeing now in America is likely due to the momentum caused by Barrack Obama’s interventions when he was in office.

Similarly a lot of the negative results under Ramaphosa are more likely due to Jacob Zuma’s time in charge of our country.

According to IOL Helen Zille joined the fray, tweeting : “Do you genuinely believe the legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative? Then let’s scrap the constitution, including concepts such as the separation of powers. Let’s scrap formal education institutions, the English language etc etc.”

This was in response to another twitter user stating  “Despicable and disgusting that Trump is now the role model of the DA. This is 100 times worse than @helenzille colonialism tweet!”

My Take

Anyone who has read my stuff here knows I’m not a fan of Ramaphosa, that said, there is just so much wrong with that tweet.

The top line issue – Trump reduced taxes, Ramaphosa raised them. This is part of what the Citizen’s economist is talking about with regards to the legacy of Jacob Zuma.

Malusi Gigaba was appointed as finance minister by Jacob Zuma, Ramaphosa hadn’t been in place for long when this current budget was released, and Gigaba lost the position soon after – whose budget was it really?

The second line, Ramaphosa’s unemployment is not the highest in 40 years. According to Trading Economics In July unemployment came in at a worryingly high 27.2%, but this is still less than July of 2017 which had unemployment at 27.7%.

Ramaphosa only became president in December of 2017.

Okay now onto praising Trump’s ‘stricter immigration policy’ – well that policy included separating children from their parents. These children were made to recite a pledge of allegiance to the country that had essentially kidnapped them.

I don’t think that kind of ‘stricter immigration policy’ is something we should be endorsing.

Consumer confidence wise – Trump has been systematically stripping American consumer protections since taking office. Sure they might be feeling pretty confident – but that doesn’t mean they should.

Violent crime rates in the US were already on a downward trajectory from the 1990s,

And zero violent protests? This is what happened during Trump’s inauguration.

But I suppose if we are to take Mashaba’s tweet as not endorsing Trump, well clearly we aren’t supposed to be doing something silly like believing our lying eyes.

I have long held the sneaking suspicion that the DA exists mainly to provide an official opposition to whoever is in power, basically being the “strong opposition” who lend legitimacy to the ruling party simply by existing.

This is reinforced by this sort of nonsense which seems to crop up every time they look like they might just stand a chance of winning.

I mean it is like a memo goes out “Hey guys, we’re doing a bit well here, lets sack Patricia de Lille and tweet something braindead, stat.”

  • Picture of Trump courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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