Worms in Ekurhuleni’s tap water?

The Kempton Park Express reports that Ekurhuleni residents who find worms in their tap water needn’t worry about the state of city’s water supply.

Apparently two residents had reported worms coming out of their taps.

The worms apparently look to have crawled into the water further down the line from the actual water supply point, and aren’t of a species that can breath underwater.

This follows a scheduled water cut on 10 August, which may explain how the worms got into the pipes.

The pressure from water going through pipes generally stops foreign material getting in, but when there is a cut any leaks in the pipes can allow soil – and worms, into them.

My Take

I’m not sure that residents are concerned about the city’s water supply so much as that there are worms coming out of their taps. I mean, eww.


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