The immortal Athol triumphs again – as the EFF continues to undercut itself

News24 reports that Athol Trollip will continue to serve as the mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, following yet another collapsed attempt at ousting him.

The most recent bid collapsed following a falling out between the Patriotic Alliance (PA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

According to The Citizen, when the opposition to Trollip’s government had a vote on who would be the new mayor, PA councillor Marlon Daniels won. The EFF refused to abide by this outcome, and demanded UDM leader Mongameli Bobani take the post.

This resulted in a spat where the EFF accused the PA of being a party of “thugs” and “unrepentant fraudsters”.

The PA responded by saying that an alliance couldn’t work with this degree of distrust. The rest of the parties were rather miffed at the EFF’s inability to actually abide by an agreement.

My Take

The EFF keep trying to get rid of Trollip, and keep ending up saving his hide.

It is the sort of thing that undercuts them on a national level – because even with the land debate, I can just see it going before parliament, the EFF objecting to something in the wording of the amendment, walking out and the whole thing not happening.

The fact that the EFF backed Bobani for the post of mayor is… disturbing.

Julius Malema has been trying to woo female voters, particularly around the issue of violence against women.

“If you are a fighter and you beat up a woman, you must know you have signed your resignation letter,” he said according to The Citizen.

“We don’t want such cowards among us. There are so many issues that confront us, and beating women cannot be one of those issues.”

Bobani was cautioned by the UDM after he assaulted Cope MP Deidre Carter. He has since apologised for this.

So what have we got here?

A party which says it wants to get rid of Athol Trollip and yet has collapsed each attempt at doing so, a party which says it opposes violence against women yet wants to make a man who assaulted a female MP a mayor.


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