#Feesmustfall leader asks for amnesty

According to EWN student activist Mcebo Dlamini is calling upon the president to grant students who engaged in violent protests during the #Feesmustfall protests amnesty.

This follows Bonginkosi Khanyile’s conviction for public violence.

Dlamini says that while violent protests are not acceptable, convictions such as this are destroying young people’s lives.

My Take

I’ve got a special loathing for that Hitler loving liar Dlamini, but more than that, I have to say that the young people whose lives are being destroyed in this manner, well, so what?

We’re all supposed to have these big sloppy tears about their plight but they’re adults and where was this concern for the lives of “young people” when #Feesmustfall was setting fire to buses with students onboard?

And there is the issue of the massive entitlement that Dlamini displays here.

If I steal from a shop and get arrested for it – why should my life be worth less than those of “students” who engaged in looting? If I assaulted a cop, I’d go to jail for it, what’s so special about these “young people” who pelted the cops with stones?

Sure they’re in training to maybe do something one day, but all they’ve done so far is cost us, their movement is part of why VAT went up.  Why should they get such a special free ride for the damage they’ve done?

What Dlamini is asking for is a double standard – that on the grounds that these are young people we shouldn’t treat them the same way we’d any treat any other people who did the same stuff.

I hope Ramaphosa tells him where he can stick his amnesty request, not just because of my anger over what Dlamini and company did, but also because it would set a precedent that would make governance even harder than it is now.

Amnesty for #Feesmustfall would just encourage more riots as it would mean that much less in the way of consequences for such bad behaviour. You could just appeal to the president for amnesty claiming your life is being destroyed by the legal consequences for your illegal acts.

So far the consequences of the violence wrought by the likes of Dlamini have been felt by the general public. It would be nice for there to be some consequences for the people who were doing so much damage.


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