Malema claims Jews training snipers to gun for EFF members

The Citizen has quoted EFF leader Julius Malema as saying there is a group of white right-wingers being trained by Jews in Pretoria to be snipers.

Malema claims that these snipers are going to target members of the EFF over their policy of land expropriation.

“Death is the price we will pay and poverty will come. It’s a war and we must be prepared. Death is the price we are willing to pay, we are not shaken,” Malema said.

According to the Citizens’ report, whether there is actually any evidence of this is unclear.

Malema also issued a stern warning to US president Donald Trump to not get involved in South Africa’s affairs, calling him a pathological liar.

My Take

I’ve long suspected that Julius Malema was an excellent student of history.

The reason for this is because the tactics he is using to build support for his party come straight out of the history books. He pushes racial resentments against those racial groups popularly identified as having money to increase his support.

When most of us read the history of Nazi Germany, we read it as a warning about the dangers of racism. Malema evidently saw its uses.

So far he has gone after whites, Indians and now it is the Jews, because lets face it whenever a fascist wants to rise to power, they always go after the Jews.

Malema isn’t simply speaking as himself but as the constituency which he represents, which he thinks holds these ideas.  The anti-Semitic sentiment he has expressed does not end with him, just as the anti-Indian sentiment does not end with him.

Of course his statement lacks evidence, it doesn’t matter to him whether it is true or not, only that his supporters believe it.

What is the solution? Violence will only make the likes of Malema more powerful, as it will simply validate his claims and make him seem to be speaking dangerous truths rather than safe lies. A similar result with ensue if we arrest him.

Appeasement has historically failed, to simply do as he wants builds an impression of strength that he will exploit. If we are to defeat him we must oppose him, we must offer something that makes sense to his supporters that pulls them away from his hatred.

We must look to the conditions that allow those like Malema to rise and find solutions. It is not enough to condemn, we have to find a way to oppose him.


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