Straw hat racist’s family living in fear

According to the Sunday Times the family of Adam Catzavelos are living in fear, after he posted a video of himself using the k word to celebrate being on a beach without black people.

I’m going to break my style and go with first names on this just for clarity.

Adam has since apologised for his remarks, which has worked about as well as 90% of all apologies on the Internet – which is to say if it were water under the bridge, it would be frozen and yet still somehow manage to smell of the sewer main that broke upstream.

His brother Nick told the Sunday Times that Adam had betrayed not just his family, children, and his children’s friends, but also the people of colour that Adam counted as friends.

Adam was fired from the family business where he worked, St George’s Fine Foods. What shares he had have been taken from him, and put into a trust for the company’s staff.

According EWN employees at the company are pleading with restaurants to reconsider their decision to boycott the company as they don’t want to lose their jobs over his racism.

According to that report the staff say that Nick and George haven’t treated them in a racist manner, and in fact have been good employers who have helped them out with interest-free loans in times of trouble.

IOL reported that on Wednesday last week several Nike stores also closed their doors. Adam’s wife apparently works as a merchandising director there.

My Take

I have been hesitant to cover this story because so far as I’m concerned, what do I really have to say about this?

Penny Sparrow, Vicky Momberg, that woman who got caught by the creepy pastor who didn’t have the manners to not read people’s phones over their shoulders, by now we know that this isn’t acceptable.

The sheer idiocy gets me even more than the racism.

And really the guy is a nobody. He isn’t setting policy, he isn’t dictating anybody else’s views, and right now, he’s pretty unemployable. I don’t think anybody wants to be known as the business that hired him after this.

He’s done and dusted, is there really any more to be said?

Only this:

I’m an atheist, and the K-word has been used against me. There are 13 countries where that word is a death sentence for me. I get it. I get the anger here.

I also play videogames and follow gaming news.

Every now and then I get to watch as the gaming community descends into death threats over some perceived slight, and it is on all sides of all issues.

What I’ve noticed about this is it doesn’t really help anything, it doesn’t prove anybody’s point, and it only really makes things more toxic going forward.

Don’t do it, he isn’t worth it, and it only serves to undermine yourself in future and make things worse.


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