Survivors to file lawsuit after Jacksonville shooting

According to USA Today, several of the survivors of the deadly shooting rampage at a Jacksonville gaming bar are set to file a negligent security lawsuit.

David Katz opened fire at a Madden NFL 19 on Sunday at the GLHF Game Bar, killing two and wounding ten before committing suicide.

Matt Morgan, the lawyer who will be representing the claimants, hasn’t told media just who will be getting sued.

Will it be the bar that hosted the event, or EA, the gaming giant that organised it?

The event was a qualifier for EA’s Madden Classic national tournament. EA has cancelled the remaining three qualifiers.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Katz had been able to legally buy his guns despite having a history of mental issues.

According to that report Katz had been hospitalised due to his mental health issues, was prescribed anti-psychotic medication and had the cops called on him by his mother more than once – by the age of 16.

Maryland’s gun law apparently forbids guns to people who have been hospitilised for mental health issues for more than 30 days from owning a handgun. Katz had been hospitalised twice – once at Sheppard Pratt and once at the Potomac Ridge mental health facility in Rockville, but both times came out at under two weeks.

Despite the cops having been called on him more than once, Katz didn’t have a criminal record.

Eric Schaffer, who runs a Frederick law office known as Maryland Gun Lawyers, claims that this shows that background checks don’t work.

Dana Loesch, an National Rifle Association spokesperson responded to the tragedy on Twitter by saying:

In February ABC News reported that the National Bureau of Economic Research did a study into the hypothesis that a good guy with a gun would stop a bad guy with one.

Their research found that “The presence of the gun actually stimulates more provocative action and ends up getting people killed,” according to John Donohue, a law professor at Stanford University who was one of the authors of the study.

Not only that but the FBI keeps stats on mass shootings and found that out of 160 incidents, only five were stopped by a “good guy with a gun” – whereas 21 were stopped by unarmed “good guys”.

The major issue is that most armed civilians aren’t trained SWAT officers, so they aren’t going to do much good even if they’ve got guns, and even trained officers, such as those present during the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting of January 2017.

My Take

In the 2016 elections Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump all had one thing in common – a history of trying to solve this issue by blaming violent videogames.

I am not particularly bashing Trump here when I say all of this, the Democrats have a history of pushing the same nonsense.

According to Vice. Betsy DeVos told Congress that her school safety commission would investigate the effects of violent videogames on children.

Unfortunately for that narrative, what her experts found no link between violent media, and violent behaviour.

One of them stated that if anything, mass shooters actually consume less violent media than the general public.

And this most recent mass shooting occurred at a Madden tournament. Madden is a series which one could only call violent if one were to accept American football as being violent.

So what is actually going on with these shooters? Who knows?

That said what I’ve noticed is the following:

  • Race varies about on a level with the American population, this isn’t particularly a white thing.
  • The shooters generally are male.
  • Most have troubled relationships with women. This latest guy isn’t an exception given his relationship with his mother.
  • Most buy their guns legally, and do not have a history of significant enough mental health issues to get caught in a background check.

This is part of why I think feminism is important in South Africa. To me the data looks unclear on most things apart from the sex and sex issues of the shooters.

We, just like America, have a very troubled relationship with women. We also have very high degrees of violence.

And it is not violent media that is doing this to us, the same media is available worldwide, it is something going on with us.

We’ve had marches, we’ve had vigils, we’ve had public awareness campaigns – we need solutions.

I cannot provide those solutions but we’ve got institutions, like our universities, dedicated to research. Lets fund them and set them on the job, because we could save lives through finding the answer here.


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