Nkomazi mayor calls for prayer to chase ‘demon’ out of municipality after spate of deadly accidents

Nkomazi Local Municipality executive mayor Johan Mkhatshwa has called on pastors and churches to pray for the roads in his municipality after a week of deadly accidents claimed ten lives.

Mpumalanga News reports that Mkhatshwa was speaking at a funeral for six learners and a driver who were killed during a head-on collision between a minibus taxi and a bus.

“Let us pray, if this is a demon covering Nkomazi let it be chased away by prayer,” He said.

According to the Corridor Gazette, a truck driver was killed in a collision with another truck on the N4 near the Kaalrug turn-off, and traffic inspector Joseph Matshabaphala was killed when another vehicle collided with his near the Nkomazi Toll Plaza.

The driver of the other vehicle had also died.

Mkhatshwa stated that his municipality is calling for mass prayer and fasting for the roads.

My Take

I read this and what goes through my head is an old quote by Madelyne Murray O’Hair, who said, “Two hands working can achieve more than a thousand clasped in prayer.”

This is part of why I believe government should be secular, because I look at this, and I think about what led to these accidents.

In 2016 News24 had an article about how the municipality had improved, however it included this line:

Nkomazi is still struggling to pay its debts, and has not managed to spend anything on repairs and maintenance of its roads, sewerage plants and other infrastructure this past financial year.

According to the Lowvelder, in April 2017 the sheriff seized municipal vehicles over unpaid debts dating back to 2009.

Mpumalanga News reports that ongoing service delivery protests resulted in a truck getting set alight in July 2018.

So what you’ve got here is a municipality that is deeply in debt, that is suffering from service delivery protests that do in fact target the roads, and a lot of fatal accidents going on.

Does this sound like a demon, or just natural consequences?

We don’t need prayer here, we need government to do its job.

Picture courtesy of geralt on Pixabay.


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