Latest crime stats show rise in murders

According to News24, the latest crime stats reveal that there were 20,336 murders in the period between April 2017, and the end of March 2018.

This represents a 6.9% increase in the murder rate.

According to South Africa’s latest stats seven out of the ten police stations dealing with the most murders are in the Western Cape, which leads the country in gang related murders – accounting for 808 of them versus the Eastern Cape’s 87.

In July, News24 reported that the Western Cape has the highest shortage of police officers in the country.

According to that report 85% of Western Cape police stations are understaffed.

When it comes to farm murders – there were only 62 during the reporting period.

According to IOL, there were 18,233 attempted murders.

Murder isn’t the only thing to rise though – reported rapes rose 0.5% to 40,035 and cash-in-transit robberies grew by a whopping 56.6%.

Overall the number of reported crimes has risen to over 3 million.

My Take

Practical solutions are required.

Indonesia’s Tempo reported in December of last year that Yemen’s civil war had killed over 13,600 people since it began in 2015. Our latest crime stats show 20,336 murders in one year.

That is horrifying, and if it isn’t raising alarm bells in our leaderships’ minds yet, what will?

We don’t need prayer, we don’t need moral preaching here, we need police. The biggest problem appears to be in the Western Cape, which happens to also be the province with the biggest problems regarding staffing police stations.

When Theresa May cut police numbers in the UK, the crime rate rose.  If we increase police numbers, maybe filling those vacancies for example, maybe we can achieve a serious reduction in our crime rate.


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