Dagga is now legal for home use – SA’s highest court

The Constitutional Court has ruled that growing and smoking dagga in the privacy of your home is now legal according to Times LIVE.

The high court had previously ruled that the ban on growing and consuming dagga within your own home was unconstitutional, as it violated the smokers’ right to privacy.

Government appealed this ruling, but their hopes of maintaining the ban went up in smoke as justice Raymond Zondo ruled that the high court was right.

That said it is still illegal to sell or smoke it in public.

Many South Africans responded to the report with jubilation:

This comes a week after Elon Musk smoked a joint on Joe Rogan’s podcast. At the time renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson defended the tycoon in an interview with TMZ, but advised against getting high in space.

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