Court rules in favour of Mayor Bobani in NMB

The DA’s attempts to have the courts return Athol Trollip to power in Nelson Mandela Bay have been dashed according to The Citizen.

Justice Elna Revelas found that the DA-led coalition couldn’t provide compelling evidence that their rogue councilor, Victor Manyati, shouldn’t have been regarded as a council member.

This meant that when he abstained from the vote that ultimately removed Jonathan Lawack as speaker, and led to the collapse of the DA’s coalition government in a series of votes that ended with Trollip being ousted as mayor, it was legal.

My Take

This is probably the correct decision.

The thing is that had the courts found the other way it wouldn’t really have changed all that much – because Trollip’s return to office would have been seen as simply being a legal trick, and his opponents would dig in their heels further to continue trying to get rid of him.

Which wouldn’t have been good for the administration of the city, which is the thing that actually matters at the end of the day.

I’ve already written about what I think of the current mayor Mongameli Bobani, I don’t think he’ll be a good mayor and his statements regarding service delivery to affluent areas weren’t exactly reassuring, but he is now the mayor.

His position was won through an alliance with a party that would like to unseat him in the next election and a party which has a history of turning on its allies so he’d be a bit stuffed even without his personal issues, but he is the mayor and will need to prove himself worthy of the position.

The DA’s efforts right now should be looking forward to the next election. If they run this right, they may end up winning without needing a coalition.



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