EFF and Azapo call for government to free King Dalindyebo

According to The Citizen the Economic Freedom Fighters joined a march by Azapo to call for the release of AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo.

Dali Mpofu of the EFF claimed that the Dalindyebo was jailed as part of a political fight between the king and the ANC.

The SA Council of Churches regional president Richard Madolo also called upon the president to pardon Dalindyebo.

Azapo provincial secretary Chris Siwepu said that the king should be freed, because as the country prepares to expropriate land without compensation and return it to the kings, the Xhosa nation needs its king to be free in order to receive their share of the land.

My Take

So according to the EFF, their position has always been that our judiciary has been captured then?

If Dalindyebo was jailed as part of a political fight with Zuma, then we don’t have independent courts.

They’d better have some pretty damning evidence here to make this allegation, because Dalindyebo appealed his conviction so it would be more than one court that would have to have been captured.

According to IOL Dalindyebo was convicted in 2013 of “arson, culpable homicide, kidnapping, defeating the ends of justice and assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.”

Three men were assaulted so badly that they would have died without medical intervention. The king said this was because they committed crimes including rape and housebreaking – which he found them guilty of without any sort of trial.

In 2015 the conviction for culpable homicide was set aside.

IOL reported that this was after he set fire to three of his subjects’ homes because he felt they’d broken tribal rules.

This is who Azapo wants owning your house. A guy who argued in court that the two houses he set fire to shouldn’t count as arson, because he owned them.

This is part of the issue with expropriation without compensation right now. Who gets the land?

Not only that, but Dalindyebo has never expressed any regrets for his crimes. Indeed, in 2017 Biznews reported that the king said the following:

“The king is ruler of his nation. There is no king without sovereignty and that will remain a cold fact, except where the intention is to set the kings up and promote defiance – thus send all the kings to prison one by one. I have witnessed the subversion of kingdoms by some structures whose agenda is to render us irrelevant by subjecting every decision we take to the Bill of Rights in the constitution, as if kings have no rights.”

Every decision by any government is subject to the highest law of the land, which is the constitution. Dalindyebo’s complaint here is that under our current legal system his subjects have rights.

He sees that as an affront to the kings’ authority, which is exactly what rights are supposed to be. They’re supposed to be limitations placed upon the state’s actions in order to prevent abuses.

You know, like a system where somebody can be beaten half to death on the strength of accusations that haven’t been subject to any sort of trial.

Admittedly my views are somewhat biased, I don’t believe that kings have any place in a Democratic Republic, and my views on royalty in general are pretty French.

Economically I believe the state should support the poor, not very rich people who simply have the right parents. It offends me that we have people who live in shacks, and people who get R1,176,730 a year (A king’s salary according to Biztech) on the basis of their heredity.

There are plenty of criminals out there who should be pardoned long before Dalindyebo, criminals who have expressed remorse for their actions, or whose trials were far more questionable. That Dalindyebo comes from a powerful family should not mean that he doesn’t do the time for his crimes.


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