Case against Nicholas Ninow, the alleged #DrosRapist, postponed

Times LIVE reports that the case against Nicholas Ninow, the man who stands accused of raping a seven-year-old in a Dros bathroom, has been postponed for further investigation.

According to the report the postponement is so that investigators can get ahold of the accused’s cellphone for ‘forensic downloading.’

The Citizen reports that Ninow appeared to be in ‘near tears’ when he appeared in court with his head shaved and various injuries.

According to the report when he was caught by customers at the Dros they had hit him over the head with a beer bottle.

The Silverton police have also been accused of attacking him when he was in their custody.

Normally the courts hold that someone who has been accused in a sexual assault cannot be named before they have pleaded, however in the case of Ninow – the courts granted permission for media to name him.

NPA spokesperson Luvuyo Mfaku explained to media that the horse in Ninow’s case had bolted, so not granting the media permission to name him would be pointless.

He did however appealed to the media not to interview witnesses or possible witnesses before the police get to them.

The Pretoria East Record says that Ninow is also being charged with being in possession of drugs, and intimidation.

He will remain behind bars, as he had opted not to apply for bail.

My Take

She should not be made to suffer a protracted court case.

Court cases are stressful, and the victim is a child. She’s suffered enough – I hope this case doesn’t get subject to repeated delays.

I watched the video – this man was found naked in the toilets with blood on him, screaming “What the !@#@ is wrong with you guys” at the people who caught him.

How much further investigation is really needed?

The child has rights that have been violated. Her innocence was not taken from her – all the blame must fall on the man who attacked her.

Her value is not made less by the worthless trash that hurt her.

I have seen reports that some say that the mother should have kept a closer eye on her daughter – those who say this are wrong. You cannot be eternally vigilant, and nobody should ever have to expect that this could happen.

Further it strikes me that nobody ever seems to ask where the father was in these cases, why is it so often so easy to blame the nearest woman when a man commits rape?

As a country we are not to blame for his actions, but we are to blame for allowing this to carry on.

Earlier this year, according to IOL, an answer to a question in parliament revealed that children were the victims in 41% of the 124,526 rapes our country had suffered over the prior three years.

Over 51000 cases were not enough to make us act back then.

We have to do better, our children deserve better.


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