EFF threatens Nene with his ‘darkest secret’ if he doesn’t resign

The EFF have threatened to reveal Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene’s ‘darkest secret’ if he doesn’t resign after giving evidence at the state capture inquiry.

It was recently reported that Nene had several meetings with the Gupta family when he was Chairman of the Public Investment Corporation.

During his testimony at the state capture inquiry Nene confirmed that he had met the Gupta family, in particular Ajay Gupta, several times according to News24.

Nene has denied that his son benefitted from the PIC when he was chairman.

The EFF have stated that Nene’s failure to disclose his meetings with the Guptas after Julius Malema wrote a letter to him in May asking about his relationship with the family constitutes a breach of Parliamentary rules.

Nene however says that he had responded to the letter, and the EFF had in fact followed up on his response.

The EFF further allege that Nene was captured by the Guptas when he led the PIC, and this is why President Jacob Zuma made him finance minister.

“The EFF is aware of many other dealings and dark secrets that compromise Nhlanhla Nene and will reveal all if he doesn’t voluntarily step down as Minister of Finance,” the party said in its statement.

You can read the EFF statement here:

My Take

I’ve already dealt with what I’ve seen of the allegations around Nene’s meetings with the Gupta’s when he chaired the PIC – so far as I can see nothing came of them.

As to Nene’s son benefiting from favourable treatment by the PIC – the only source we’ve got on that is a ‘leak’ that claimed to be from amaBhungane saying they were investigating, only for amaBhungane to disavow it.

So we don’t know where this message came from, and we know that the people involved in state capture were also pushing nonsense on social media – that was the whole Bell Pottinger scandal.

Now, lets say the EFF have some sort of evidence of wrongdoing. Not the allegations around the Guptas or Nene’s son,  but these “many other dealings and dark secrets”.

Lets say Nene resigns.

Dealings, are generally between people. So whoever Nene was in cahoots with – their dark secret never comes to light, and they simply find someone else to deal with.

The corruption continues.

Blackmail isn’t fighting corruption – it is engaging in it. If the EFF have information which is this devastating, then it shouldn’t be a threat they will reveal it, they should just reveal it.

One of the things that I feel very strongly is that corruption in South Africa took a long time to build to where it is now, that the groundwork for state capture wasn’t laid by Zuma, but rather began much earlier.

Corruption is a weed, you have to remove the roots or it just comes back. You can’t just keep quiet if the one party to it leaves.

In the absence of the EFF presenting its evidence and its information, I have to surmise that they’re talking nonsense. It is just sinister sounding static so far as I’m concerned.

  • Picture courtesy of DoC via Flickr.

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