Mcebo Dlamini to run for ANCYL president

Student activist Mcebo Dlamini is set to take the lead of the ANC Youth League according to the Sowetan LIVE.

Dlamini claims that he has been approached by branches from every province to fight for the position of ANCYL president.

His likely rivals are set to be KwaZulu-Natal secretary-general Thanduxolo Sabelo and national treasurer Reggie Nkabinde.

Dlamini said that the time for the Youth League being used as “a launching pad for people to be billionaires” is over, and that “leaders we must eat last and the masses must eat first”.

Dlamini is no stranger to controversy. According to the Wits Vuvuzela, on June of 2014 he admitted to lying about being a Sisulu, after Wits journalism students looked into his claims. He also made outlandish claims regarding his education.

In 2015, he proclaimed his love of Hitler, telling the Wits Vuvuzela, “What I love about Hitler is his charisma and his capabilities to organise people. We need more leaders of such cailbre. I love Adolf Hitler.”

Hitler is popularly considered one of the most evil men in human history, his regime having killed millions.

His use of propaganda is considered particularly chilling by historians, with the United States Holocaust Museum saying studying it “can help us counter dangerous speech that undermines democratic values, demonizes groups, and facilitates mass atrocities and genocide”.

My Take

He’s a habitual liar who publicly admired one of the worst mass murdering dictators of the 20th century.

Specifically for Hitler’s ability to “organise people”.

He’ll probably win.


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