North West provincial task team doesn’t look like a job for Supra man

According to The Citizen ANC provincial chair Supra Mahumapelo has resigned from the party’s provincial task team (PTT) in North West.

The whole point to the PTT was to sort out the ANC’s provincial management because an election year was coming.

Politicians are a bit like naughty schoolchildren realising they didn’t do their homework while waiting outside of class, they tend to do things at the last minute.

Politicsweb reported in September that Mahumapelo had landed the position despite the fact that he was sacked as North West premier following violent protests and President Cyril Ramaphosa putting the province under administration as a result of his tenure.

Apparently supporters felt that keeping in on the task team would keep him contained, rather that having him “float around and be mischievous”.

When your own supporters describe you like a turd that won’t flush, you’ve got problems.

According to the TimesLIVE Mahumapelo, along with SAA boss Dudu Myeni, apparently met with Ace Magashule a day before Magashule met with President Jacob Zuma to most definitely not discuss overthrowing current president Cyril Ramaphosa.

My Take

As you can probably tell, I find this hilarious. Seriously he should be in the political wilderness, if not in jail at this point.

Mahumapelo isn’t particularly well liked within his province – they rioted to get rid of him.

Sure he probably knows where a lot of the bodies are buried, but keeping him around just makes people wonder just how many bodies there are.

Him resigning is probably the best result out of this, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  • Picture courtesy of GCIS on Flickr.

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