Malema says no to suspending Floyd Shivambu as Twitterati see red

EFF leader Julius Malema has said that his party will not suspend Floyd Shivambu after he and his brother were named as beneficiaries from the looting of VBS bank.

Malema had also tweeted that “the enemy” were attacking.

Reports stated that Brian Shivambu had received about R16 million from the bank, and about R10 million of that went to his brother Floyd.

According to the Mail and Guardian, the Shivambu brothers have also been implicated in another scandal.

They say they have screenshots of what appears to be the brothers chatting, and Floyd presenting Brian with the details of a businessman who “is also being investigated for a R300,000 request for payment to an alleged lover of PIC boss Dan Matjila”, according to the report.

When revelations surfaced that Nhlahla Nene’s son had approached the PIC for a loan when his father was chairman, the EFF had urged Nene to resign and called on Ramaphosa to fire him.

They had said if he didn’t resign, they would reveal Nene’s “darkest secret“.

Nene eventually quit and was replaced by former reserve bank governor Tito Mboweni.

The EFF had also slammed Nene for lying about how often he had met with the Gupta family.

My Take

Recently I watched a video about the rise of Italian fascism, which centered around the phrase “Me ne frego”, or “I don’t care”.

The Italian media were not fans of Benito Mussolini, and repeatedly covered the violent murders his party perpetrated, and the response was “Me ne frego”. This became the motto of the black shirts as they brutally assaulted and murdered the fasicsts’ opponents.

Italians realised that Mussolini was a murderous thug, but he still ascended to leadership becase “Me ne frego” – they had gotten used to the fascist violence.

The video was a warning about Donald Trump, but I think it actually fit better talking about South African politics.

We had our “Me ne frego” moment with President Jacob Zuma. The South African media covered his corrupt dealings quite thoroughly, heck we was even tried for rape, and his supporters accused the press of being white owned.

The collective response from our country was a big “Me ne frego,” and Zuma got elected president.

Right now we see the rise of Julius Malema. It is not secret that the EFF leader has been involved in shady dealings, Malema’s tax and tender woes are old news, as are the parties links to a cigarette smuggler.

This most recent revelation? The EFF are receiving a lot of backlash on Twitter, which gives me hope. I had hope before Zuma was elected president, and when audio arose of Donald Trump’s famous “Grab them by the p***y line” arose, I had hope then too.

I would like to think that this has hurt the EFF, and that’s just the thing, I would like to think that.

I will only know in 2019, will South Africa once again say “Me ne frego”?

  • Pictures courtesy of GCIS via Flickr.

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