DA raises alarm over LGBTI database in Eastern Cape schools

According to eNCA the Department of Education in the Eastern Cape has asked schools to send them the names of their LGBTI (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) students.

The plan is apparently to have ten of them attend a workshop on LGBTI rights, while the rest will be added to a database.

The DA has responded with disgust at the plan, as it is an invasion of the pupils’ privacy.

DA Shadow MEC for Education, Edmund Van Vuuren was further concerned that as we are in a country where corrective rape happens, it isn’t a great idea to identify LGBTI students for potential discrimination.

My Take

In May, earlier this year News24 that the SA Council of Educators revealed that it has not used the South African sex offenders registry, as it was still in the process of gaining access to it, which was only set to happen in 2019.

One of the council’s jobs is registering teachers.

Later that month, Radio 702 reported that the registrar said this was nonsense and that access could be granted on the basis of an application – the council just hadn’t applied.

So, here’s the thing, LGBTI students are pretty much the same as any other students. There is no real reason why anyone should care about their sexual preferences other than themselves and their potential partners.

Putting someone on a list is an invitation to prejudice against them, and in cases like the sex offenders registry that’s reasonable. We want the council of educators to check the sex offenders registry before making someone a teacher for example.

That the council hasn’t been doing, for whatever reason, isn’t good.

But when you get government making lists of LGBTI students, they haven’t done anything wrong, so why are they getting listed?



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