Europe okays Microsoft acquisition of GitHub – just as GitHub goes down

According to The Verge, the European Commission has approved Microsoft’s a $7.5 billion takeover bid for GitHub.

This news comes as the UK’s Daily Register reports that a data storage system at GitHub broke, freezing the service on a global level.

According to IT News the whole problem started at about 2am this morning. At 9:35am, Github’s status advisory said the following: “Our restore operations are proceeding as expected, on track for serving fully consistent data within the next 1.5 hours.”

ITWeb reported “From 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2018, over 1.1 billion code contributions were made to the GitHub .”

About 80% of these contributions come from outside of the US, and South Africa is the only BRICS nation that isn’t amongst the top ten.

My Take

These things happen, GitHub has grown pretty fast and Microsoft buying it could mean a whole lot more funding for maintaining its infrastructure.

That said, their tech teams are probably having a miserable day right now, just through the sheer coincidence involved in the timing.


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