On living wages – a rant

This is purely my take, because it is a comment on a comment that I read while trolling through news websites.

It was on a story about the DA’s economic plan, which I don’t much like because I think it is a bit unrealistic.

The comment was about living wages, saying that they were socialism and encouraged lazy workers to not work.

No the requirement that people pay a living wage is not socialism. Socialism is when government takes over the business, and socialist governments have varied over the years as to how well they pay.

Without a regulator there is little stopping a socialist government from paying its workers peanuts.

That is one of the fundamental weaknesses to socialism as a system, that it merges big business with government thus resulting in a situation where there isn’t an independent arbitrator anyone can turn to when that same business does bad stuff.

But aside from that, it really struck me that this is one of the major drivers of  division within our country. We have a pack of people who pay their workers less than those workers need in order to eat, clothe themselves and have a roof over their heads.

That is what a living wage is, it is a wage that you can live on, and we have people who object to paying that. Generally on the grounds of think about the small business, as if workers are required to subsidise their 4X4s.

These same people will complain that their malnourished workers who work two other jobs in order make ends meet are lazy.

This is not the solution to our economic woes.


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