EFF involved in another corruption scandal? Sanco sees red over GladAfrica

According to EWN Sanco is calling for the Public Protector and the Hawks to investigate the EFF’s involvement in Tshwane’s GladAfrica scandal.

If you don’t know what that is, it is the R12 billion scandal that has the ANC threatening legal action against the DA’s mayor Solly Msimanga.

IOL reports that the ANC’s lawyers allege that the contract violated the Municipal Finance Act 56 of 2003.

Earlier this week News24 reported that Tshwane city manager Moeketsi Mosola went to court in order to try and block the release of a preliminary report on the contract.

So to put it another way – this is the grounds the ANC wants to use to get rid of the DA’s mayor in Tshwane.

And now Sanco is saying that the EFF are implicated in this.

My Take

The EFF have already been caught out with the VBS scandal. Financial shenanigans really do hurt the red berets – in part because they’re supposed to be the party of the poor, and this stuff hurts poor people.

I’m not surprised at the EFF being caught out this way. In 2011 Blade Nzimande slammed the ANCYL under Julius Malema’s leadership as a vanguard for tenderpreneurs according to the Cape Times.

The EFF, at its core, is really that same ANCYL after a messy divorce. You can see that in the potshots it takes at the ANC.

That said, what I find interesting here is – this is a DA corruption scandal at its core, much as the VBS scandal was an ANC one, and I’m looking at the EFF.

They’re probably going to do a lot better than a lot of people expect in 2019, if only because we see them as being so relevant in these cases.

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