Hawks affadavit links Bobani to dodgy municipal contracts

An affidavit by a Hawks investigator has revealed how a company accused of siphoning money off of Nelson Mandela Bay’s bus system allegedly paid over R600 thousand into Mongameli Bobani’s account.

According to TimesLIVE, this was in seven payments between April 2014, and May 2015.

Hawks investigator Captain Henk Fourie’s affadavit claims that Bobani had a ‘corrupt relationship’ with Fareed Fakir, whose companies benefited from multimillion rand contracts with the municipality which didn’t go through the proper tender practices.

Bobani became Athol Trollip’s deputy in 2016, as part of a coalition with the party, but was fired in 2017. The Trollip claimed this was due to allegations of ‘maladministration and impropriety’ as well as poor conduct in public, according to News24.

Bobani became mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay earlier this year, after a long campaign by the EFF. The former mayor, Athol Trollip, was targeted first amongst the DA’s mayors after the party refused to support the EFF’s expropriation without compensation bill. He was targeted first because he is white.

“Hahaha, you are going white man. I’ve got no sympathy for whiteness, it feels so good for a black child to determine the future of the white one,” EFF leader Julius Malema said over the decision according to News24.

Bobani’s wasn’t off to a good start when he told a group of supporters that he would not provide services for richer areas, though he later backtracked, claiming he was responding to threats of a rates strike because evidently you avert those by telling people you’re not going to provide the services they’re paying for.

In September News24 reported that the National Treasury demanded to know why Bobani was interfering in the city’s supply chain management procedures.

The EFF have also been linked to the GladAfrica scandal in Tshwane, as well as corrupt dealings at VBS bank.

My Take

It is a bit weird to me that Bobani was getting payments from this Fakir guy when he wasn’t really in power yet. Bobani only became Trollip’s deputy in 2016, these transactions happened a year earlier than that.

That said, I’ve noticed with Julius Malema that he never seems to learn from his mistakes. He supported Jacob Zuma on the basis of racial animus, and voila, our country gets robbed.

He supported Busisiwe Mkhwebane becoming the public protector and then later accused her of being captured.

He puts Bobani in charge of Nelson Mandela Bay and Treasury starts raising alarm bells, the mayor’s office gets raided by the hawks and we’re hearing about dodgy tenders.

Malema’s got a sorry track record when it comes to making decisions – eventually he ends up saying sorry for most of them.

And sorry doesn’t cut it when the same mistakes just keep cropping up.


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