Zim pastor claims AIDS cure – Zim government says it is unregistered

Walter Magaya, a Zimbabwean ‘prophet’ claims to have found the cure to AIDS according to the website New Zimbabwe.

According to the report, the cure is supposed to be a herb he called ‘aguma’.

He claims this herb has no side effects, and will cure AIDS within 14 days. He claims that he actually discovered the cure two years ago, and has been quietly selling it to his HIV positive congregants since then, while waiting for it to be ‘scientifically proven’.

According to Magaya he had approached the World Health Organisation, but had been told he would have to have his cure go through the Zimbabwean government.

Bulawayo24 reports that Magaya’s ‘cure’ hasn’t even been registered with the government, never mind tested and found to actually work.

The herb is now apparently being sold on the market for  $1,000.

My Take

The only aguma plant I know of is aguma-wiwiri – or American black nightshade.

It is used in some traditional medicines – but if you hit a plant grown in the wrong climate you will have a very bad day, as it can be very poisonous.

That is something to consider with all ‘herbal’ remedies – the dosages are inconsistent because where a plant grows and impact what it is has in it.

Funnily enough extracts from the plant have been found to be effective against HSV-1 – a herpes virus.

Overall this looks incredibly dodgy.

We have no real data to suggest that this actually works. We have the say so of a pastor who, if his story is to be believed, has spent two years running human trials without any authorisation or ethical oversight.

In other words, his own story involves him committing what is considered a crime against humanity.

And that is the best case scenario in which he isn’t lying and this cure is actually studied and found to work.

The most likely scenario is he is a standard pastor, and lying through his teeth in order to make money off of the desperate, and not caring that he may be killing them.


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