Gigaba implicated in Eskom woes, claims it is all a plot to keep him from becoming president

According to Business LIVE Malusi Gigaba and Lynne Brown have been implicated in a preliminary parliamentary report into the state capture at Eskom.

The news website also reports that senior officials at McKinsey and KPMG were also named in the report, which stated that they should be probed as  “private sector mercenaries”.

This is the latest in a long line of scandals for Gigaba, ranging from questions around how the Gupta family became South African citizens, to a leaked sex tape.

EWN reports that he is due to meet with President Cyril Ramaphosa over two findings that he lied under oath over the Fireblade Aviation scandal.

Gigaba has come back swinging, with The Citizen reporting that all of these reports are part of a plot to put an end to his presidential ambitions.

Gigaba claims he has hard working enemies who want to make sure he doesn’t ascend to the highest position in the land.

One of these would evidently be Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane, who has recommended he be disciplined by the president.

My Take

This all reminds me of British comedy.

Aside from that, he wants to be president?

Gigaba delivered the last full budget, in which he raised VAT to 15%. Our economy has since entered a recession despite that not being a global trend, and unemployment is well over a quarter of the population.

Gigaba, when minister of Home Affairs, stuffed up our tourist industry by introducing onerous birth certificate requirements for people travelling with kids. This decision had to be relaxed because our economy just couldn’t take it.

This is stuff that doesn’t particularly rest around any sort of corruption. These are decisions which are deeply unpopular and I would think that they would preclude any sort of inevitable rise to the presidency.

You see the thing is, and this is a sad truth, corruption is no bar to political success, but we do tend to care about is when the results hit home. When we can personally verify the impact of corruption on our own lives, suddenly we care a whole lot more.

That VAT hike made things expensive for everybody, when we talk about unemployment we’re talking about an off the books tax hike on black people because that is where unemployment hits hardest and you’re not going to see your relatives starve to death if you can do anything about it.

So I look at Gigaba talking about a plot to keep him out of the presidency – the press can’t keep someone out of high office. If anything establishment media not liking someone has often been a boon to their cause.

What’s killed his chances is nothing that the media has said about him, it is what your till slip says about him every time you go shopping.

  • Picture courtesy of GCIS via Flickr

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