ANC MP presses charges against nephew over job scam

According to The Citizen, ANC MP and former Buffalo City Metro mayor Zukisa Faku is pressing charges after her nephew set up a fake Facebook account in her name in order to scam job-seekers.

The 25-year-old had apparently charged job seekers between R1,500 and R6,000 to secure jobs at the Buffalo City Municipality.

Faku claimed not to have known about this, until one of her nephew’s rather irate victims managed to get ahold of her.

According to News24, in 2016 Faku had been sentenced to three years house arrest and community service after being found guilty of nine counts of fraud. Apparently she’d been using Buffalo City’s credit card to buy herself stuff while overseas in 2010.

Which means she shouldn’t be an MP anymore as an MP loses their seat if they’re sentenced to more than 12 months imprisonment without the option of a fine.

However according to The People’s Assembly she’s had a 94% attendance rate at committee meetings this year.

My Take

My first thought is – this wasn’t the sort of scam that was going to go on forever, getting ahold of an MP’s contact details isn’t all that difficult, so one of them was bound to eventually give her a ring and ask where that job was.

My second is that this is part of why it is important to follow the news. I mean, Faku hasn’t been mayor of Buffalo City since 2016, so why anybody would expect her to be making hiring decisions there escapes me.

My third is – Faku was convicted of fraud in 2016, she lost her seat as an member of parliament.

“Corruption is a cancer that eats away our moral fibre as society and represents a serious onslaught against the public confidence in its public representatives. We agree with the judge in the case that the conduct of Comrade Faku, which includes abuse of municipal credit card when she was Buffalo City mayor, was abusive of her position of trust,” – that was ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu as quoted by News24 in 2016 when the cameras were rolling.

So when the cameras were off, how was Faku allowed to get back into the National Assembly? The lowest salary an MP earns is  R1,033,438 a year according to AfricaCheck – they couldn’t find an ANC member who wasn’t convicted of fraud to take that seat?

How exactly is she still an MP?


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