EFF in racist parliament brawl

The Economic Freedom Fighters have continued to demonstrate their take on parliamentary behaviour by scuffling with opposition parties in parliament according to EWN.

The whole fight started when the DA’s John Steenhuisen heckled President Cyril Ramaphosa, and Ramaphosa klapped back by questioning the opposition party member’s mental faculties.

According to News24 Steenhuisen rose to object, but was drowned out by the EFF.

“Can the VBS looters give me a chance to speak?” Steenhuisen asked.

This didn’t calm the situation, and EFF leader Julius Malema said “You’re a racist white man accused of rape!”

Tensions continued to rise but eventually the shouts of “Pay back the money” from the DA, and “Racist” from the EFF subsided enough for Steenhuisen to try to finish his point of order.

Then Malema proclaimed that the EFF wasn’t going to be intimidated by whites in Parliament, and that whites weren’t allowed to speak there.

Agang MP Andries Tlouamma objected to this, saying that parliament couldn’t allow someone to bar elected representatives from speaking on the grounds of their race.

This resulted in further howls from the EFF, until Tlouamma swore at them – and EFF MP Nazier Paulsen, a trained boxer, stormed the Agang bench and attacked Tlouamma.

Eventually the sergeants at arms were called.

“None of us can be proud about what happened in the house today,” said Thoko Didiza, the presiding officer,  according to Bloomberg (Via Time Magazine).

My Take

I’m no fan of the DA, and I hold no brief for Steenhuisen – so when I heard Malema claim that Steenhuisen was accused of rape, it wasn’t something I automatically dismissed.

So I Googled, and… I can’t see anything saying anything of the sort. What I did find were reports that he had an affair with a married woman, Terry Kass Beaumont, and had resigned as KwaZulu-Natal DA leader over the affair but so far as I can see it was all consensual.

You can read about that on News24 or IOL.

Now the EFF chanting “racist” at the DA is a bit rich when their leader has proclaimed that political representatives should be barred from essentially doing their jobs and speaking in Parliament because of their race.

Stripping entire racial groups of their political rights I would say is something you could hardly could be anything other than racist.

Ramaphosa to his credit has called for South Africans to cut the racist nonsense, saying that we cannot allow our past, no matter how painful it is, to continue to divide us along racial lines.

And he’s right, or at least he would be if the goal of groups like the EFF was a better country.

The EFF has been linked to corruption in the ANC via the VBS scandal, to corruption in the DA, to corruption in general, they are not in it for the good of South Africans.

Malema has a history of using racial slurs – including against black people, as News24 reported earlier this year his claim that black journalists were “House n*****s”.

And this is all to a design and it is all planned. If you cannot fight the truth of news reports of shenanigans, aim to paint the news as “the enemy”.

The idea is to push a racialised narrative in order to win office on the basis of “I’m fighting for the majority”.

Those elements of the majority who oppose him are thus to be painted as traitors because they are a greater threat to him than any minority member could be.

Malema doesn’t need white votes to win an election, he just needs the majority.

Malema isn’t looking for the good of the country, he looking to win elections, and don’t underestimate how powerful a racist brawl in Parliament can be for winning elections in our socio-economic circumstances.


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