De Lille forming a new party

According to EWN Patricia de Lille is forming her own political party after all the drama she’s had with the Democratic Alliance.

The former mayor of Cape Town has said that an IPSOS poll has shown that she enjoys the support of a lot of South Africans, and hopes this will translate into votes in 2019.

She still hasn’t decided on whether to resurrect the Independent Democrats however.

Gareth van Onselen questioned how Zille could afford the poll, as he says to do one costs between R5 hundred thousand to R1 million.

The DA responded to de Lille’s announcement by saying that the true test for any political party is election day.

The Citizen reports that Julius Malema of the EFF has welcomed the new party, and said that he hopes it will work with the red berets in their battle against ‘racism’.

“She must come and participate in this democratic engagement, we wish her well and we welcome her back again. She’s got a friend in the EFF, together let’s go and do the right thing, let’s go and fight the demon of racism, which is what removed her from the DA,” said Malema.

My Take

The EFF does not oppose racism. It is a racial supremacist party along the same lines as the AWB, including a focus on blood and soil.

Any sort of alliance that opposes racism has to oppose Malema, because he is probably the most racist politician in South Africa today.

I spent the past week in the Western Cape. While I was there I heard things like how the locals feel less of a need to have medical aids, because the public hospitals are just as good as the private ones.

One of the people I spoke to talked about his experience moving down there – he’d overloaded a trailer and a wheel overtook him as he went around a bend.

A local police officer stopped and helped him, and even went so far as to fetch the wheel from the bottom of the hill. The guy told me that when he offered the officer a bit of cash for the help, it wasn’t a bribe it was just gratitude, but he got turned down.

I was in the Knysna area, and I noticed that people actually obeyed the rules of the road, even though they seemed more designed to maximise the income from speed cameras than anything else.

The other thing I noticed, I didn’t see all that much litter. In Johannesburg, every now and then I will see somebody tossing the rubbish from their cars onto the street because evidently they believe themselves to be more important than the rest of the city, to the extent that everybody else gets to serve as their trash heap.

I didn’t see that happen once in the Knysna area.

The DA in the Western Cape hasn’t done a brilliant job on the whole. It hasn’t done anything particularly notable or amazing, and there are a lot of problems with their governance – but I cannot deny that it has done a better job with that province than the ANC has done with the country.

Most of this has been doing the basics right, it has been enforcing laws and building a culture of obeying those laws, it is nothing fancy it is just the basics.

When you get right down to it, what ended up costing de Lille her job as mayor in Cape Town was a long campaign to paint her as having questionable ethics.

If de Lille’s new party can offer that to the rest of the country without the DA’s questionable racial politics – then it is worth considering.

However, the EFF’s support of her makes me wonder about those allegations. We’ve seen far too many examples where the EFF has been linked to corruption to have it feel clean when they express support for someone.

  • Picture courtesy of the DA via Flickr

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