Food Lovers Market Peri peri chicken drumsticks

One of the things I enjoy doing every now and then is trying out ready-marinated stuff.

As much fun as it is to make your own marinade, particularly considering that you can make it to suit your own palette, seeing what other people do with it is fun too.

Particularly when the stuff is massively cheaper than usual – this is after all Black Friday.

So I bought some chicken drumsticks from Food Lovers Market and cooked them up for breakfast along with some of their garlic focaccia.

My approach to a home-made peri peri is pretty simple, I grab a red chili, a lemon, some garlic and some olive oil and then hit it with a stick blender. It is straightforward and delicious.

What you want out of your peri peri is to have that pronounced lemon and chili taste, and I didn’t get that from the Food Lovers Market drumsticks.

What I got was something that… tasted okay, I mean it wasn’t oversalted or nasty in any way, but was mostly sweet with a hint of chili. It could equally well have been sold as a BBQ flavour.

Now I understand that when you’re selling to masses of people you might want to go for making it a bit blander and more generic, but peri peri should still taste like peri peri.

While they were better than I expected, they could have stood to have a more pronounced taste. The focaccia meanwhile was delicious.


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