Global Citizen Festival – gets mugged

According to the Citizen about 30 individuals figured the best way to celebrate global citizenship was – to use knives and guns to rob the concert goers.

The show was intended to honour the late former president Nelson Mandela’s hundredth birthday, with American superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z putting on a great show.

But of course, shows end, and what followed were screams of horror as festival goers went to wait for transport at the Nasrec Sasol garage.

The criminals descended upon them with knives and guns, causing people to try and dodge around cars in the hopes of escaping the thugs.

The criminals had an easy time of it – there were no cops around to protect the festival goers.

My Take

This is a national embarrassment. Think about the nature of the event – celebrating the first president of the democratic era, and our place as global citizens.

And a pack of thieves took the opportunity to prey on the people at the festival.

On this day we as a country were humiliated. The criminals involved must be hunted down, the brutality they unleashed must be repaid with jail time.

When I talk about how we have a generation of delinquents – this is a part of the price of that.

The ANC since 1994 has singularly failed to deal with crime, now we see the results of that failure.

This series of events must no be allowed to happen again.


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