EFF cries foul over publication of Malema’s address

The EFF has condemned the publication of Julius Malema’s residential address.

So what is this about?

According to EWN Julius Malema is currently living in a house owned by cigarette manufacturer Adriano Mazzotti.

Questions had already been raised about Mazzotti’s links to the party – after he donated R200,000 to it in 2013, and fellow Carnilinx director Kyle Phillips loaned Malema R1 million to help settle his tax woes.

Now Mazzotti claims the whole thing is above board and being done through an arm’s length deal – with the property being managed by an independent manager.

The property is rented by Malema’s wife, Mantwa.

Mazzotti claims that Carnilinx has not benefited through this arrangement.

Given the EFF’s involvement in how VBS was robbed into bankruptcy, issues around corruption have become a major sore point for the party.

My Take

The EFF’s response to the publication of Malema’s address is interesting.

In 2017 for example, they were quite happy to protest outside the home of Peter Bruce after he wrote a column critical of the party according to eNCA.

Malema was recently condemned by Sanef after he identified specific journalists he claimed were protecting Pravin Gordhan.

They also accused Gordhan’s daughter of having a company that dealt with the government.

News24 have looked at the allegations by the EFF against Gordhan and found them less than convincing.

The bank details look made up. The Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) accounts work like this: A five digit transit code, a seven digit account number, and a three digit branch code.

The EFF’s number involves a six digit code and a two digit number separated by a hyphen.

Further if Gordhan wanted a bank account in Canada, he’d need to be a citizen or in the process of getting permanent residency.

In other words, not only does he not have a bank account with the RBC, he actually can’t have one.

There is a reason you don’t generally hear Canada coming up when people want to stash their money overseas.

It gets even funnier when you look at the allegations – the EFF claims “R Jamandas Gordhan” is the guy who owns the account. Gordhan’s first name is Pravin, with a “P”.

News24 also looked at Malema’s claims about Gordhan’s daughter, and found they were bogus too.

The upshot of all of this being, the EFF has nothing against targeting journalist’s homes when they report critically on the party.

Not only that but they had nothing against dragging Gordhan’s family into their attempts to discredit the finance minister.

A lot of the time if you want people to act in a certain way – you’ve got to do it yourself.

If you want to set rules for the behaviour of others, you’ve first got to set those rules for your own behaviour.

If you violently attack feminists who disagree with trans ideology – your complaints about being violently attacked aren’t going to get much traction. If you complain about racism and then celebrate white tears, eventually people will give you something to cry about.

If you use intimidation to tackle your opponents, then your opponents have the moral right to use intimidation against you.

And of course by doing so they show they’ve accepted these rules of engagement – but generally you’re not going to complain about that unless you’re the one whose coming off the worse for wear under these rules.

You cannot expect people to act in ways that you yourself are not prepared to act.

You set your rules of how others may engage with you by how you engage with others.

Given how the EFF has engaged over the past few years, well they were happy to dish this meal out, now they’re crying about having to eat it.

Rather than highlighting the media’s double standards, they’ve highlighted their own.

  • Picture courtesy of the EFF.

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