Why isn’t Mngxitama in jail for threatening women, children, cats and dogs?

According to The Citizen Andile Mngxitama, the leader of Black First, Land First, claims that a video showing him saying “We’ll kill their children, we’ll kill their women, we’ll kill their dogs, we’ll kill their cats, we’ll kill anything that comes before us”, was taken out of context.

Mngxitama claimed that his call was for self defense against Johann Rupert, who he claims is paying taxi bosses to kill black people.

If you watch the original video, while this is the context in which he is speaking he provides no evidence that what he is saying is in fact the case.

And if this were the case, the legal response would be to lay charges against Rupert.

In that video Mngxitama can be heard saying that for each black person killed in taxi violence his party would kill five white people.

According to the fourth Geneva convention collective punishment is a war crime.

No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited. Pillage is prohibited. Reprisals against protected persons and their property are prohibited.

The BLF has long been more of a racial hate-group than a political party, with its spokesman,  Lindsay Maasdorp, tweeting that the very existence of white people is a crime.

His account has since been suspended.

My Take

The BLF exists mainly to shield corruption. They were funded by the Gupta family, as part of a PR campaign to deflect attention away from then-president Jacob Zuma’s dodgy dealings by stirring up racial resentment and hatred.

This was all part of what was revealed with the Bell Pottinger scandal – that the BLF are so revolutionary they got their rhetoric from a London PR firm. If you scratch the surface of any purveyor of racial hate you will find a thief.

Claiming that Rupert is paying taxi drivers to kill people is an outlandish claim, but the thing to remember about conspiracy theorists is that whatever they claim someone else is doing is something they themselves are willing to do.

Mngxitama basically just told us that in Rupert’s position, this is what he’d be doing. Do we want him in Rupert’s position?

No. Mngxitama belongs in jail, how can we levy massive fines against Durban estate agents simply for calling people monkeys, and do nothing about a man who is calling for racially based massacres?

Even without hate speech laws, what Mngxitama is engaged in is incitement to violence which would not be protected speech in the most libertarian of interpretations of that right.

You do not have the right to accuse someone of a crime, which paying people to kill people would be, and then use that to incite further violence against entire ethnicities.

That he has not been arrested for this demonstrates the hypocrisy of our hate speech laws, as it appears that prosecution is terribly selective.

And this makes the laws themselves act as fuel for the very thing they’re supposed to be there to fight – racial hate.

Unequal enforcement undermines the legitimacy of concepts upon which the law is built.


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