2019 – will this be the year we turn it all around?

2018 was the year of consequences, where decades of allowing distraction politics to beat out the practical issues of today finally came to a head.

To me the year could be summed up as being thus: Malusi Gigaba raised VAT in March, and ended the year with a video of Malusi Gigaba inviting the viewer to give him a blowjob.

Racial politics, the distraction of choice by our most crooked politicians repeatedly raised its head. We were supposed to be alarmed at people using the K word, and we were right up until we had Black First, Land First (BLF) calling for the mass murder of white people and their pets.

It kind of puts someone calling you mean names in perspective doesn’t it?

If this this last year taught me anything it was that our racial conflicts are mostly there in order to keep the thieves in a position to steal. We aren’t tackling racism, because racial division is useful to those in power.

And of course the year really ended with the whole Clifton saga. A bunch of security guards chased beachgoers off claiming the beach closed at 8pm.

According to TimesLIVE the security company claimed to be assisting the City of Cape Town after two teens got raped, but the cops say they didn’t get any reports of any rapes that day, and the city has distanced itself from the company.

Which is to say I don’t think they were hired by the city to do this, they probably were hired by the people who lived there.

This was spun into a racist incident despite the fact that all the beachgoers were chased off, not just black people, and it had been going on for a year.

It wasn’t a racist incident, it was essentially Clifton’s version of Johannesburg’s boomed suburbs.

For those who don’t know, many side-roads in Johannesburg have been boomed off by their residents in order to keep out the crime. This hasn’t actually worked, because security guards aren’t exactly paid well, and mostly it just slows down the cops getting to the scene of the crime, as well as contributing to traffic congestion.

Despite this being ineffective and actually downright damaging to the city as a whole, the  boomed suburbs have become status symbols – which means more of them cropping up, putting further strain on our main roads.

Anyway the main motivation for the Clifton Beach security situation so far as I can see is that the residents figure people are coming up from the beach to rob their homes, so they’ve hired security guards to usurp the authority of the city and enforce a curfew.

And if it is allowed to stand, the “secured beach” will become a status symbol, and more people living on beach-front properties will do the same thing even if it doesn’t actually protect their homes.

So tolerating this isn’t really an option. That it has been tolerated up until now is actually a negative mark against the City of Cape Town.

But it isn’t particularly anything to do with race, and spinning as if it were, is just a replay of all of the stuff that used to blow up smoke so that our biggest crooks could get away with state capture.

State capture when you get right down to it – that was KPMG, that McKinsey, that was the Gupta Family, that was Bain Capital, and that was Cash Paymaster Services.

It was a complete rainbow gang of robbers, unified in their wish to steal, and thus their wish to keep the rest of us divided.

But a thing doesn’t have to be racist to be wrong, and that’s the thing I think we need to take into 2019 in order to turn things around.

This next year, when things go wrong, lets focus on the things going wrong rather than adding past resentments to blow them up and put people on sides they normally wouldn’t occupy.


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