Zuma gets recording deal from Ethekwini

According to ENCA Ethekwini municipality has granted former president Jacob Zuma a record deal.

Tembinkosi Ngcobo of Ethekwini’s Recreation and Culture Unit stated that the deal came about after his unit discovered that there wasn’t much of a record of the songs that were composed and sung in the fight against Apartheid.

Ngcobo claimed that the reason they picked Zuma was because while they had found other artists to sing them, those artists weren’t there when the songs were originally sung.

Zuma meanwhile was of the generation that composed those songs, and he tended to open his speeches with them. Ngcobo praised Zuma’s musical talent, and so the municipality approached him to ask if he could participate in the project.

At the end of last year, News24 reported that the Hawks were poised to swoop on the municipality due to rampant fraud, money laundering and corruption.

According to that report it is only a matter of time before the mayor, Zandile Gumede and ANC councilor Mondli Mthembu, are to be arrested following the Hawks’ investigations.

Meanwhile The Citizen reports that the ANC Youth League have thrown their weight behind the former president after he stated his support for land reform.

Zuma had apparently stated that all our nation’s problems would be solved, if the land issue was addressed.

The Youth League compared Zuma to former president Nelson Mandela for his statements to this effect.

My Take

I am reminded of the Democratic Party in America when they were holding photo opportunities with former president GW Bush.

Donald Trump meanwhile recognised that if he wanted to win, he needed to distance himself from Bush and thus made no bones about pointing out what an utter disaster the former president was.

GW Bush landed America in two wars – one of which was based on lies and led to a rapid rise in oil prices, which is part of what caused the financial crisis of 2007.

Which meant that when Hilary Clinton ran, she ended up being tarred with the legacy of a president – from the opposing party – whose decisions resulted in disaster.

Rather than winning over Republican voters, the Democratic Party just managed to disgust its own voter base.

My point being, for all his faults Trump understood something, don’t tie yourself to a legacy of failure.

Jacob Zuma’s reign was an utter disaster. His cabinet was bought and paid for by the Gupta family, his term saw SARS in the hands of a man who did away with its compliance office – leading to lower tax compliance.

SARS then tried to cover the shortfall by committing VAT fraud.

Just about all of our state owned enterprises are now riddled with corruption, which has undermined their performance. This includes Eskom, which is itself massively strategically important to our economy.

It is very difficult to compete

with factories that have electricity when you don’t.

Even if you want to play race wars with our economy, the Zuma regime’s reliance on companies like Bain and McKinsey leave any claims of fighting “White Monopoly Capital” hollow.

Our credit rating is junk or just barely above it, unemployment is over 27%, and the last guy Zuma made finance minister raised VAT to 15%.

Part of how Zuma failed so badly can be seen in what he’s saying about the land issue. No matter what your views on the pros and cons of expropriation without compensation may be, to treat it as some sort of magic bullet that will fix all of our problems is naive at best.

But the biggest issue we face is that we cannot trust the ruling party with our public funds.

Ethekwini’s money does not belong to the ANC, it belongs to the residents of Ethekwini, and the ANC is simply there to act as caretaker.

Ethekwini is giving a recording deal to a disgraced former president who isn’t even a resident in that municipality, while it is being investigated for fraud and corruption, and while that president’s reign is subject to an inquiry into state capture.

This deal demonstrates that the ANC has tied itself to that legacy of failure, and that it will continue to fail so long as it remains in power. It is not simply Zuma, but the entire organisation that is rotten.

  • Picture courtesy of GCIS via Flickr.

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